Rural Environmental Governance
Delong Environment is the first demonstration unit in the construction of beautiful rural areas in Hebei Province. It persists in pioneering and innovating, constantly breaks through the traditional model, and is always committed to the research of rural sewage treatment in the construction of beautiful rural areas, and strictly guarantees the quality of ecological environment. Based on innovative technology, the company adheres to the development of integrated processing equipment with low cost, light operation and high efficiency. The pre-denitrification combined with A2O treatment process is the core, and the high-efficiency suspended filler is used to enhance the biochemical effect, combined with the company's coordinated treatment of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus. According to the research results in the field, the quality of rural domestic sewage drainage can reach the four types of water standards. Delong Environment has independently developed a series of integrated sewage treatment equipment with high efficiency, low consumption and easy operation and management.

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